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The Home Remedy Almanac is your trusted resource for simple solutions and practical home remedies to common ailments and illnesses.  

Have you ever had an ailment you were too embarrassed to visit the doctor for?  Or even talk to your friends and family about?  So you turned to Google and discovered there are either really strange solutions out there or really great ones that you just couldn’t decide on.  

Here, you can find simple and practical home remedies for common ailments and illnesses... from remedies for common colds and skin rashes to acne treatment and yeast infections – eek! The remedies on this site only require items that can be easily obtained or found in the home. They require no special training.

We believe in the power of natural cures, especially with the growing concern of chemicals in today’s manufactured products.  The information provided in this source has been gathered from trusted medical professionals and home remedy experts.  And if you have any solutions to share or would like us to add, please send an email and we’ll be happy to share it with the community or add it to the site – reach us at info@homeremedyalmanac.com.

Of course there are certain ailments that require the attention of a physician, especially those that persist, so please contact your doctor as needed.  Otherwise, we hope you will find useful information on this site that can address any immediate concerns.

This site is dedicated to the many people that have written to us over the years with their own home remedies. We are indebted to you our readers, and to the many people that took their time to develop and test each remedy.

Remedies often don't have the scientific backing found in modern medicine. For this reason, use your own judgment regarding the safety and effectiveness of each recommendation. Just because it worked for them, it doesn't always mean that it will work for you.

Happy remedying!

Your friends  at the Home Remedy Almanac